7 Strange Things He Is Doing to Hide an Emotional Affair

By Tapoos Readers | January 9, 2017


Cheating is a common problem that many couples come across during their relationship. When a partner cheats physically he hurts the other partner and their relationship to a point of no return.

But cheating is not just physical it has other less defined forms as well. People also have emotional affairs outside of their relationship or marriage. It is quite hard for a partner to judge if her boyfriend or husband is having an emotional affair on the side or not.

These 7 signs will help you catch your boyfriend if he is having an emotional affair with someone else.

1. A Drastic Improvement or Decline in your Sex Life


When a person gets involved emotionally somewhere else, there is sexual tension building which hasn’t yet been manifested. So that sexual tension might be taken out on you and your partner might start rocking your world in bed.

It varies from person to person though; an emotional spark for someone else in your boyfriend’s heart might put him off having sex with you.

2. Your Boyfriend is Distancing Himself from You


Do you feel that you boyfriend is distancing himself from you. You don’t get to talk to him for hours or discuss anything with him? Such situations arise when men are getting attention from somewhere else and they automatically get distanced from their current partner.

Such emotional detachment moves on to become physical detachment and it is a clear sign that your partner is involved somewhere else as well.

3. His Overall Attitude Has Changed Towards You


Along with getting detached physically and emotionally your man will strat criticizing you as well. Because of his attachment somewhere else he might start commenting negatively on things that he never had a problem with before.

He might say you don’t dress well or you are not that pretty. Such malicious behavior is a clear indicator of the fact that your partner might be having an emotional affair.

4. Notice a Change in his Tech-Habits?


If your partner seems to be using his phone and social media a bit more than usual than something is probably up. Such behavioral changes start showing when a person is cheating on their partner. Another fact that signifies the fact that he is cheating would be that he will start acting shady when you confront him about his change in habits.

5. You’ve been Hearing a Certain Female Friends Name a Bit Too Much


It’s natural for us to mention the people that we hang around with the most or the people that we are most drawn to. Similarly if you are hearing a certain female friends name a lot from your boyfriends mouth, something is definitely fishy.

And this fact would be further reaffirmed if he gets overly defensive when you mention his special little friends name.

6. His Style of Arguing Has Changed


Arguments are a vital part of any healthy relationship. As they say you only argue with the ones you love. But if you have noticed a change in the way your boyfriend argues with you , or if he has started cursing you very badly or started referring to you with derogatory comments , it is a reason for you to worry. A declining level of respect for you clearly indicates that your partner is snooping about …. Emotionally or physically ……or BOTH.

7. You’ve started Feeling like the Third Person


Has your partner started giving more attention to what someone else says to them? Or has he started doing more for them than for you ? And ironically that someone is a female friend…if yes then we regret to inform you that there might be a problem in your relationship.

When a person cheats their consideration for their first partner declines significantly and if you’re on the receiving end of this whole situation then it is a tell tale sign that you are being cheated on by your partner.

Girls that can relate to experiencing these 7 signs should confront their partners sternly and if you think your partner is not willing to understand that your bond might break because of his unfaithful shenanigans then what you need to do is delete him out of your life completely because when someone you love cheats it can break your heart and bruise you emotionally.

So keep an eye out ladies to ensure your boyfriend isn’t cheating on you.