14 Men Reveal Secret Gestures That Make a Woman Seem like ‘Wifey Material’

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


1. Many Small Little Gestures



It’s not just one thing, for me a woman has to have a few small little qualities for her to be ‘wifey material’. These things might seem insignificant but they play a vital role in making her seem like the right one.

When a girl listens to me , or when she smiles as she glances at me… or makes me feel like I belong to her (in a very emotional way of course).

It also says a lot when a woman can keep her head in my lap and share all of her feelings, fears and insecurities. If a woman has these little qualities in her I wouldn’t mind moving heaven and earth for her.

Also women shouldn’t draw a line between being possessive and having trust issues…Trust is the foundation …Trust shows a man that you believe in him and he won’t let you down…at least I wouldn’t.

— MrUniversity

2. A Little Effort goes a Long Long Way



For me the perfect woman would hold me on the same plane as herself. Rather than blaming me for everything, she puts some effort into the relationship too.

Her initiative could be small but it would mean the world to me..it could be anything …be the one to call me first or plan a date for us.

— Jacobmo

3. Spoil me…Hug me(Please)



Why should men do all the cuddling petting and comforting? We need our partner to do it too.

Hug me out of the blue, or maybe feed me. I know it sounds cliché but gestures like these turn an ordinary woman into ‘Wifey Material’ as they show pure unadulterated care. Men want to be spoiled too.

— Kissapuu

4. Let Me Put My Head on your Lap



A girl who can let me put my head in her lap and let me nap like a baby. I find it extremely comforting and the one I’m looking to marry should have this in her.

— KhaosElement

5. Show Me Some Affection for No Reason Whatsoever



A woman that can show me affection for no reason whatsoever has to be the one for me. Although it can be her small affectionate gestures but nothing makes me feel more special. And as a man I would like to admit that we want to feel special as well.

Of course I would do the same for her. Both partners should sow affection towards each other if they want to have a connection that is soul deep and not merely physical.

— Admiralfilgbo

6. Never Hesitates in Getting Physically Intimate with Me



If you’re very close to me, I would want you to be physically intimate. It doesn’t mean sexual intimacy all the time. I would want my partner to touch me or cuddle me affectionately.

— Demyk7

7. Be a Little Proactive Once in a While.



A relationship has no spark for me if the other person doesn’t show some proactive effort or do something nice for me. Its not just for the man to do all the nice things in the relationship…For a woman to be ‘Wifey Material’ she needs to be proactive and be thoughtful at least once in a while.

— Negative

8. Appreciate Me



Slip a little Doodle in my pocket saying I love you or you are the Best. Or giving me little treats once in a while…. May be initiate sex. All of these things make me feel wanted and appreciated and it matters a lot. So ladies if you want to be ‘Wifey Material’ … appreciate your man.

— Nikefresh3

9. Be Silent and Enjoy Each Other’s Presence

If there is no conversation it shouldn’t be weird. I want a woman that has such a connection with me that we could sit silently for hours and still enjoy each other’s presence.

— Quartilius

10. Small Gestures that Show Appreciation



In a relationship when the girl shows me little gestures of appreciation for everything I do for her matter a lot to me. I’m always ready to do my part as a partner but she needs to make me feel appreciated for the things that I do for her. It could be something as simple as ‘You are my Fort’ or ‘I feel protected when I’m with you’

— Sykilik101

11. Do Something….Anything



For me the right one would be the one who doesn’t think of herself as a gift….Or the one who doesn’t treat me like she gave me a privilege by agreeing to date me. We should be partners.

— Kenny-Fucken-Powers

12. Be the First to Text



Waking up to my partners text just lights my day up and makes me feel special. So ‘wifey material’ for me would be a girl who can take time out to text me first.

— RiskyClickardo

13. She Should Keep the Following Things in Mind



Appreciate the things that her man does for her.

Be proud of him.

Make him feel wanted; hug him, kiss him or maybe initiate sex.

Give him thoughtful little gifts, nothing expensive…For men the gesture matters more than the value.

Be ready to make some effort its just not his duty to uphold the relationship.

Casually ask for a nude or take the initiative to send one.(Learn about post encryption before doing so)

All these things will have a man wanting to spend the rest of his life with you. Its all about building a strong connection.

— Elementsofevan

14. Be a Homie and Have My Back



The right one would be my lover but she also needs to be my homie and I want to have the security that she will have my back no matter what. If I can trust you with my life you will end up as my wife.

But on a serious note if a woman could give me that our connection would be sacred.

— 22SAS