Each person is unique – special in the individual capacity, and that’s how we are all meant to be. At Tapoos we respect and value who you are, however you are, as a human being. Everyone is stunning in their own way!

On the other hand, short girls would completely approve of when we say that carrying out a few particular activities can be highly taxing at times. The most effective and positive manner of tackling such potentially embarrassing circumstances is by focusing on the funny aspect of it. Like this girl whose words inspired us!

Reaching for the shelf in the kitchen makes cooking a trying chore on a daily!

I avoid looking at mirrors in market or roadsides, for I can’t even see my face!

Doing groceries is as much fun as wall climbing.

To go shopping is like being Jack in Jack in the beans stock.

Who needs to spend on socks when ma jeans got ‘em all covered yo?

Merry go round are my favorite ride cause they’re everywhere!

So what if I can’t see who’s playing? I hear the melodies, not look at them!

I’ll be here when you need someone to lean against