10 Things No One Other Than an iNtuitive Can Understand

By Tapoos Readers | January 4, 2017


iNtuitives type is classified by the MBTI inventory as the kind of people who value the abstract more than concrete realities. The difference lies in their information processing which makes them different from the Sensing type. Theories and exploration of possibilities other than what appears to be piques there interest.

After coming out of a meeting with an iNtutive- dominant type person (ENFPs, ENTPs, INTJs and INFJs) you will always hear of things that weren’t said in the room. They focus on what is left unsaid, how others react to what they said, and what others meant when they said something else.

In a world where Sensing types are clearly in majority, being an introvert excludes you from the herd. If you possess an iNtuitive personality then it is a part of your day to be misunderstood by your loved ones. They find no rationale in your reasoning, and fail to understand the explanations for your peculiar behavior.

1. Excessive Debating



iNtuitives can’t just let go of an issue without exploring it from all the angles. They never intent to be impolite or difficult, but tend to give such an impression with their excessive debates on issues.

It is hard for others to understand what you feel as an iNtuitive person. They can’t relate to your drive to reason each aspect of the issue. For you its learning through debate for them it’s unnecessarily prolonged conversation on an irrelevant topic.

2. Compulsive Planning



iNtuitives spend almost all their time thinking about the future. Living decades ahead in their head planning what opportunities life would bring and how they would be living their life goals.

However, their plans lack the intricate details of real life and are subject to readjustment on a regular basis. Perceiving iNtuitives (xNFPs and xNTPs) realign their goals and with them their future plans on a day to day basis. They are naturally adapted to such adjustment.

However, the Judging iNtutives (xNFJs and xNTJs) aren’t comfortable to sudden changes and make changes on need basis.

3. Considering Rules as Mere Suggestions



Tagging them as rebels is harsh, given iNtuitives don’t do it for the sake of disregarding any rules. They just have a bad habit of finding what need that partiulat rule serves before following it.

iNtuitives cast aside rules they think are outdated or ineffective. They prefer doing things the way they like instead of following arbitrary instructions.

4. Overthinking Every Aspect



iNtuitives fail to escape the unending loop that runs through their head on every issue. It tires them to understand how an issue fits in their life. They go beyond the scope of the problem at hand.

They try to comprehend the issue in to a plausible theory driving everyone around them crazy. Not everyone has the patience to search for an intangible explanation of a daily life concern.

5. Distrust of Authority



There is nothing more despising to iNtuitives than qualification without competence. Their distrust of the established system that favors convenience and prestige above competence makes it difficult for them to trust authority.

6. Variety Seeking Behavior



iNtuitives are inclined towards anything that is unconventional. For them exploring the unknown is the only purpose to live on. This has a big impact on their lifestyles. They seek novel career paths and are always trying to view the world through a new lens.

7. Unexplainable Obscure Interests



The unknown is always valued more by an iNtuitive personality. All that is given and easily understood is thought as something for people of low intellect. They take great pleasure in dissecting conspiracy theories and in experimenting with unfounded methods of reasoning. This mental exercise drives every aspect of their personality.

8. Picky Social Behavior



They show erratic social tendencies. When iNtuitives are around their kind of people they would get in to endless conversations. And with others they are quickly exhausted. It shows that socializing is draining their energy.

This unpredictability amazes people who at times find them to be at the center of the party and at other times.

9. Always the Devil’s Advocate



There is a way to get to everyone nerves, but nowhere is it as simple as getting in to the head of an iNtuitive. Let them know that a certain issue is black or white. Their uncontrollable urge to bring up an alternate point of view will drive them to be a devil’s advocate.

They will enthusiastically campaign for arguments that even they themselves don’t agree to. Just to point out that things aren’t as easily distinguishable as black and white.

10. Breaking the Conventional Norms



It is hard for normal people to think of an unconventional life course. They are inspired by out of the box ideas, and usually end up experimenting all the crazy ideas on their lives.

Their ‘why not’ approach to life decisions lead them in to a rebellious streak that conflicts with traditionally accepted norms. Their life choices are generally considered crazy but it turns out this craziness gets them unexpected results in life.