10 Habits of Olympic Athletes that Everyone Should Definitely Adopt

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


It is said that the difference between a successful person and a mediocre one is that of discipline. People who get to great heights of in their lives are highly disciplined and they have a regimen of constructive habits knitted into their routines. And what better example of success and discipline could there be other than athletic training. Olympic Athletes do not just focus on the day of competition. Rather, they have to discipline themselves to improve their performance way before their competition days.

The Tapoos Networks team has listed 10 habits of Olympics Athletes that everyone should definitely adopt.

1. Kassidy Cook, an Olympic Diver from the USA Says You Need the Right Type of Rest to Succeed

 Kassidy Cook

As Miss Cook points out, rest is vital for getting optimum performance from your body in anything you do in life. Kassidy Cook needs her body rested completely before she competes; similarly, we need our brains to be rested completely if we want to move forward in our life. According to her there are two main ingredients to getting the right type of rest, one is that you need to get ample sleep, and the second and the most important factor is that you leave your work at your workplace, and every minute spent after billed hours should be focused on yourself and not work.

2. Novak Djokovic, a Serbian Pro Tennis Player Emphasizes on Getting Good Nutrition


 “Novak Djokovic – Inexplicable | Tribute (HD)

Novak Djokovic is a Pro Tennis from Serbia and he claims that his diet habits play a great part in leading him to victory. Everyone needs certain nutrients that they usually skip out on. So if you want to be physically fit to achieve success pick up healthy eating habits and increase your fluid intake to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Michael Phelps, an Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer from the USA Says High-Quality Sleep Is What You Need to Be Successful



Michael Phelps ensures a quality sleep every night by sleeping in an altitude chamber. The majority of the people can’t afford an expensive mattress let alone a whole altitude chamber, but what they can do is that sleep in completely dark rooms which have little or preferably no electronics in the room. Also sleeping for the same amount of time and following a strict sleeping regimen is necessary to get quality sleep every day.

4. Carli Lloyd, a Pro Soccer Player for the Usa Urges Everyone to Visualize Goals



Carli Lloyd takes a few minutes out prior to every a game to visualize what her goal is for that specific match and surprisingly performs up to her own visualizations every time. Ordinary people, on the other hand, might not be performing in front of a crowd of thousands but that doesn’t mean they don’t have goals. So if you have goals try to visualize them and you will be able to achieve them.

5. Usain Bolt, Track and Field Runner from Jamaica Holds Sleep as His Foremost Priority



He is the fastest human being on the planet and he realizes the importance of sleep because that’s when his body recovers and becomes stronger. Similarly, for people like us, hard work is important but rest and good sleep is even more important because it makes us stronger and recovers our minds and body.

6. Eliud Kipchoge, an Olympic Runner from Kenya Always Keeps Track of His Activities and Goals



Keeping track of your progress is vital. Just how Eliud Kipchoge keeps track of his performance and goals, you can also do the same to determine if you are moving in the right direction.

7. Claressa Shields, a Pro Boxer from the USA Says Having Self-Confidence Is Very Important



The main thing you need to do is draw a line between confident and cocky. Don’t be full of pride but also don’t look down upon yourself.In order to achieve something in life, you need to have the confidence and belief in the idea that you can.

8. Simone Biles, Gymnastics Medalist, Usa Says Don’t Be Too Serious All the Time Have Fun with What You Do



Simone Biles is one of those athletes in competitive sports who doesn’t take things too seriously and stays relaxed with a big smile. We all know working hard towards a goal is no easy task, and too much work will have your productivity going down the drain. So teach yourself to have fun with what you do, stay relaxed stay happy and stay focused.

9. Katie Ledecky, Pro Swimmer, USA Says Take It Easy Worrying Won’t Get You Anywhere



Katie Ledecky never lets her worries or anxiety get the best of her before any competition and according to her this is the reason why she has been successful. So if you keep getting anxious about the outcome you won’t be able to focus on what actually commands the outcome i.e. your productivity. So just take a chill pill and focus on what is in your hands.

10. Misty May-Treanor, Pro Volleyball Player from the USA Says If You Miss Breakfast You Won’t Be Productive



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you the energy to function during your most productive hours. People who miss out on this important meal are never able to function at their optimum capacity. So it is imperative that you add a healthy breakfast into your routine if you want to become more successful in whatever you do.