Victor Frankenstein famous for plotting human head transplant made a monster. His exclamation of success, “It’s alive”, has gone down in history as one of the most famous dialogues. Imagine if it was actually achievable. Moreover, there are many feats science considers possible but discourages due to ethical and moral dilemmas. The possibility of limb transplant alone can change so many lives. Imagine if whole body transplants were possible.

Furthermore, Sergio Canavero is an Italian neurosurgeon who claims to be able to successfully perform a human head transplant by the year 2017. Mr. Canavero says that the process will take less than a day. The chances for success for this project are 90% according to the doctor. While, he mentioned a minimal risk involved in this process.

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Most noteworthy, The volunteer for head transplant experiment is, 30 year old Russian. Valery Spiridinov. Mr. Spiridinov, suffers from Werdnig Hoffman disease. A muscle wasting condition that has seriously diminished his physical capabilities and left him wheelchair bound.

Valery Spirindov believes in Mr. Canavero’s capabilities and said that it was important to gather international support from the medical community. Moreover, he said in an interview in 2005 that if he has a chance of fully replacement he will get rid of the limits and be more independent.