This Toddler Nails the Water Bottle Flip Challenge and Celebrates Like a Winner

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


There are trending videos and then there are viral videos and then there are those which you just can’t stop watching again and again. This video is going to make you go crazy.

This adorable toddler has made a mark all over the internet with this amazing stunt.

Sam, the youngest daughter of Matt Rogers from the Hallmark Channel, attempted the bottle flip challenge. To her disappointment, the first attempt was a fail. But seconds later she does it right. You have to watch it yourself to see the excitement of a win on a toddlers face.

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Th popularity she is getting at such a young age, there are good chances she is going to be a bigger star than her dad.

Matt Rogers posted on Instagram,” Well I used to be known as’Matt Rogers’. I guess now I’m known as ‘Baby Bottle Flip’Dad.”