What Made Him the No. 1 Choice of World’s Most Identical Twins?

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


These two twin sisters had a lot in common since the day they were born. Anna and Lucy DeCinque like all other identical twins have been inseparable since birth. It was this amazing connection among them that they ended up sharing a boyfriend.



They are so engrossed in their collective identity that their instagram description reads, “World’s Most Identical Twins.”

Anna and Lucy thought it was the right time to move ahead with their lives. They knew anything that separates them is not acceptable. Getting married is a big question in life and they chose to marry their shared boyfriend.



It was almost five years ago that the twins met Ben on Facebook. And it seems like he had what it takes to handle double of everything in his life. Lucy says, “Since day one he’s winning. He showed us that he is the guy who would keep us both happy at once. Such a thing is not common and he proved that he was special. “

“We find people to be generally skeptical to the idea of twin sisters sharing the same husband. I don’t know how it is going to work? Can it really work? I still don’t really know,” says Anna.

When there is a will there is definitely a way. These twin sisters researched hard and will be flying to Tuscan, America for their wedding, as marriage laws there permit two sisters marrying the same man.



They have involved their followers in the debate too. It is a difficult decision for them and they want to get clarity before moving on. But it seems they can’t wait to get married after giving up on the idea thinking no one would marry both of them together.

It would be really unique. Two identical-twin-brides marrying the same guy is not something I have heard of before.



The twins have thought of the negative reaction by fans all over the world to their common marriage. And they are thinking over alternatives like arranging a commitment ceremony.



“There was this hope that they might change the law for us! Maybe we’ll be the first ones to marry the same guy in Australia,” They told Tapoos.