Comments from Frozen Director Confirms the Link Between ELSA and TARZAN

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


Disney is a small world. Here guest appearances and crossovers happen all the time. It is not hard to recall Elsa’s crowning where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider made an unexpected appearance. In the movies Beauty and the Beast and Princess and the Frog, Aladdin’s carpet and lamp show up magically.

These linkages between Disney characters fuel fan theories all around the world. One of these fictitious stories made a mind-blowing headline when Frozen Director, Chris Buck, confirmed it.

He told Tapoos that Tarzan is the younger brother of Elsa.



Without getting in to the details of the story, it may seem too far-fetched. However after hearing the real explanation you will agree with Chris Buck.




What we learn from Frozen is that Anna and Elsa’s were orphaned when their parents died in a shipwreck. What we do not know about is that did they actually die in that ship wreck, or were stranded in a jungle island where they might have given birth to a boy.




The resemblance between Tarzan and Elsa’s father is uncanny.

It was little after the birth of Tarzan that they were killed by a wild cat. Tarzan was saved by a bunch of gorillas who adopted him and raised him to master the jungle life.



The most exciting thing that it is not another fan fiction but Chris Buck confirmed it to Tapoos, he said:

“When you’re working on a feature, you have a lot of time to think about stuff because it takes four years to make one.”

“I think Jen [Frozen co-director] and I were walking to a meeting, and I just started to tell her the entire story.”

“I said, ‘Of course Anna and Elsa’s parents didn’t die. Yes, there was a shipwreck, but they were at sea a little bit longer than we think they were because the mother was

pregnant, and she gave birth on the boat, to a little boy. They get shipwrecked, and somehow they really washed way far away from the Scandinavian waters, and they end up in the jungle. They end up building a tree house and a leopard kills them, so their baby boy is raised by gorillas.”

There you go folks with the most exciting Disney news to share.